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Friday, March 07, 2008

At The Farm

Mrs. Kellie and Isaac were in a car reck the other day. Thank goodness they were not hurt! But their van was smashed up. So, we got to take them to "the farm" and get a loaner car. Emma was so excited when we pulled up and there was one lonely patch of snow left over from the day before. She finally got to play in some snow! Then the kids got to play with toys at Mamaw's house then we went over to see Isaac's cow who had recently had a calf. The kids were very brave standing in the fence with all the cows. After they'd had enough of looking at the cows. Isaac's granddad took all 3 for a 4 wheeler ride. They loved it! Emma and Garrett were both whining and crying because we had to leave. We will have to go back and spend the day sometime soon!

Playing in the patch of snow

Looking at the cows

Isaac's calf

Getting ready to ride off

There go my babies!

Garrett didn't even flinch. He go ton with Sissy and I and waved bye saying "bye bye mommy". When did both my babies grow up? :) 


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