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Friday, March 07, 2008

A real snow day

They were calling for a ton of snow by this morning. I went to bed hoping school would be called off. I got up and looked out the window in the bathroom. I was so disappointed. I could see the roads had nothing on them. There was no snow to be seen. I took my shower and got dressed. Before I went to wake up Emma I thought "well I'd better check the list just to be sure Carter didn't jump the gun last night when it was sleeting for a bit" I checked and lo and behold school was cancelled! Sweet! I went back upstairs, changed back into PJ's, and went back to bed. There was NOTHING on the roads or grass. Oh well I will take a friday snow day. :)

Finally about 10am it started snowing. It began coming down pretty quickly. I waited until I could see there was enough to actually play in a little and then started bundling the kids up. We went out to play for about 45 minutes. They each built a snowman. Emma and I threw small snowballs at each other then Garrett figured it out and they both began throwing lots of snowballs at mommy. Emma also made snow angels. They had so much fun getting to play in the snow, they both started crying as I was taking the bundles off after we were done. I am so glad Emma was able to play and have fun in it this time. After Garret's nap we'll prob. go out again.

Here's some pictures of the fun time we had!

Garrett's snowman

Making snow angels 

Emma's snowman

Playing in the yard
All emma wanted to do was eat the snow! . . . I don't think any of it was yellow :) 


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