Welch Family Journal

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Emma's Headaches

For the last 10-12 days Emma has been complaining of headaches in the morning and in the afternoon. At first I gave some Advil and didn't worry about it. Then I tried Advil and claritin thinking it was allergies since I've had 3 migrains in the last month in a half from my allergies. Still she complained so I took her to the Dr Friday. They took and extra and one side of her sinus cavity was almost filled with pus. She has a sinus infection which is probably why her head has been hurting in the front. We got her a script for amocillin. Hopefully in a  day or two she won't have headaches anymore. I can tell you I was getting worried about my 4 year old having daily headaches. I'm glad it turns out to be something small this time.


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