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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Family fun day

Today we left our house at 10 am and went to Burns Park to play. All four of us! We started on the tall rocket slide for Emma but since Garrett was too little to do it we moved over to the main playground quickly. As we were moving over there, emma noticed the Funland Park with kiddy carnival rides. We told her no cash on us sorry and kept moving. When I went to get the car and move it, I checked the prices. only $8 for unlimited rides or $1  ticket (most rides were 2 tickets). Well we went on playing at he park. Having fun with Mommy and Daddy. Emma showed us she could do the monkey bars all by herself. We were shocked and so proud. There was another little girl her size there and her mom said something like "look. she looks like she's your age" I said "yeah she's 4" Other mom said "oh (shocked voice) mines 6. yours is tall!" Yeah we get that a lot actually. :) Anyway we kept on playing until Daddy got a rumbly in his tumbly. We went off to Back Yard Burgers for Daddy. The drove through an ATM and went back to the Funland Park. Emma face lit up so bright when her Daddy said she could go to it! We got each of the kids an unlimited pass ad me $4 worth of tickets so I could ride a couple of rides with them. They had a blast! Both of them! It was well worth the money. Next time I'm going to get me an unlimited band too so we can ride more rides over and over. They were all rides emma could do alone. And most of them, if you're brave, garrett could do with her. I had to overcome some fears with my babies and let them actually do things by themselves but it turned out great for them and for me too. Garrett got to ride a train with sissy. He loved it. Emma finally got to ride the ferris wheel. Which she loved. They both loved the helicopter ride. I think they rode it 6 times! Emma rode one ride she was supposed to have a taller person with her on. I went to the ticket booth to grab some tickets so I could ride it with her but apparently I was taking too long. She got on with an older girl (prob about 10 years old). Don't worry Matt was there the whole time and approved the move. :) Well, I guess she didn't realize it was a fast spinning ride. She had a look of fear o her most of the time. As soon as she got off and spotted mommy the tears came. The rest of the time she said "I didn't like that ride." or "I don't want to ride that again" So that one's out for now. Other than that it was a great trip! Cheaper than six flags and catered to young children. Thanks Burns Park. Here's a slideshow of our day. 

A movie of the ferris wheel

The helicopter ride


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