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Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 year check up

Garrett went in Friday for his two year check up. Here's his stats:
he is in the 80% in weight at 31lbs
he is in the 85% in height at 36'

He had to get one shot which he wasn't happy about while she was doing it. He stood up and wanted the band-aid off. I told him "it's not the band-aid that hurt you abby. It was the shot. it's all done. the band-aid will keep it clean" The nurse was real good. She still had the needle and showed him, her putting it in the bucket saying "bye bye shot" then he was fine and happy.

We had his finger x-rayed because he pinched it in the recliner sunday and it was still very swollen and tender to the touch Our Dr. said it looked like just a bad bruise but she was sending the x-rays to Children's to be sure. I'll let you know if it turns out to be anything worse. :)

All in all he did great!

He has a huge vocab for a 2 year old. Most of the time everyone other than mommy can understand him too. ;)
he is going to be the class clown. he loves joking and tricking.
he has a huge variety of facial expressions and he using them to keep people laughing!
He LOVES trains, cars, and balls


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Very strange that we have almost been gone for 2 years! I can't believe how big he is getting. So glad he did great at the DR. Did he get a slushie for his pain?


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