Welch Family Journal

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gymnastics program

Tuesday was Emma's gymnastics program at school. It was 30 minutes long. They showed us all the things they'd been working on all school year. It was the pre-K 3, pre-K 4, and K's. It looked like it was going to go terribly wrong when she and Isaac both fell down on the way into the gym. She got that trembling lip and started acting like she was going to sit down and cry. But she worked it out quickly and it went great from there. I was busy catching it all on the camcorder. Mr. Casey was taking still pictures of Isaac and a couple of Emma (I of course forgot my still camera) and Matt was taking care of Garrett while watching Emma. It make Emma's day that mommy and daddy were both there! She felt so big. Here's her once we got home . . notice the pink medal.


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