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Sunday, April 20, 2008

KIte flying

A couple of days ago it was beautiful outside. So, after picking up Emma and Isaac we went to kroger and bought kites for the kids. After looking at he prices on the kites I talked the two older kids into the cheapest kites. Garrett was another story. Once I said we were getting kites he kept yelling "i want dragon kite" When he saw a dragon kite at kroger there was no talking him out of it. :) I gave it to avoid the huge meltdown. pick your battles I say. :) It turned out to not be windy enough to really keep the kites in the air so after some attempts we went back home to play with the new cat. :)

Emma - princess,  Isaac - spiderman, Garrett - dragon

One of the few minutes we got a kite to go up

Trying to pull the kite around

What do you do if your kite starts flying in the wind when you're not ready? . . you sit on it! :)


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