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Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring cookies

Tonight we finally made use of the new rolling pin, cookies cutters, and $5 for cookie mix me-me and po-po sent Emma a few weeks back. Emma was sooo excited to get to make them. She loved getting to use the rolling pin all by herself. Garrett loved sticking his hand into the flour jar. :) It was fun getting to do this with the kids but also very hard on me . . as anyone who knows me at all knows I'd rather eat the cookie dough than actually make the cookies! But as any good mother would do, I sacrificed for my child's happiness and made the cookies. . . . I only kept back a small portion of dough to eat. I did help my children enjoy some dough while we baked too. The kids had their aprons. Emma's courtesy of Kellie. Garrett's courtesy of Grammie.

Using the rolling pin me-me sent her. It's a kid sized one so a lot easier for her to use. 

Squishing down the "quack quack" cutter

Some of our cookies . . plus the portion we kept for eating only. (another me-me's house tradition. She always kept a portion aside for us to eat while baking so we wouldn't try to eat the dough that was supposed to be cooked)

our finished products


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