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Sunday, April 20, 2008

After school care is cool again

I planned Garrett's dr. appointment for after I got off work on Friday. Usually I can get Kellie to pick up emma on those days and keep her until I get there. This past Friday I didn't ask her to because Emma had been whining a few days earlier that she didn't get to stay in After School Care. So I told her she could stay on Friday. Below is an email I got from Kellie later that day. . . . DOes anyone remember "wanting" to go to After School care instead of getting to go home with mom and play at your own house???

From Kellie:

So when I went to get Isaac today, I thought, maybe I will get Emma too. Then when I got there, they were sending the aftercare kids down the hall. She promptly stood up and went over to the teacher and said, "Me too, my mommy said I could go today!" with such excitement that I decided not to rock the boat! I was afraid if I offerred, Isaac would hear and be disappointed if she said no. She was very proud of herself and excited!


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