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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bowling night

Sunday night we went bowling with the big kids that were in town. (many were either out of town or on the DR mission trip). The kids had a blast. They did real good. We had the bumpers up and they got to use a rack to set their ball on and roll it down the isle. They loved getting to push the ball off the rack and waiting for their ball to reappear afterwards. They also loved getting doted on by the big kids. :) Emma asked me if she had ever been bowling before. I thought about it then felt very old. I said "yes back when Mandy and Graham were in the youth group adn you weren't even walking yet" She also asked if we could do it again soon. I said Yes because it really wasn't very expensive and they enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few pictures captured by Kayleigh's phone.

Garrett right after he pushed it off the ramp

watching the big kids with daddy

Telling daddy how good she did

Getting ready to start

A good bowler knows to watch the ball until the very end


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