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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WYWO - Up LR and backyard

Well my parents have done it again! They truly are the best ever! While we were gone to Boston, they totally cleared out our backyard and decorated our upstairs living room. The living room looks like a grown up room not a sparse assortment of odds and ends now. The back yard is the best thing in the world! It is now swing set ready! We will be getting our swing set this weekend! I can't thank them (and any helper elves here in town) enough!!!! Below is what our living room and back yard look like now. . . . anyone who knows what they looked like before should sit down and brace yourselves before looking at the pictures . . . they will shock you!

Here's the list of what we've found thus far that they did:

cut back ALL flower beds in front
flowers in flower box in front
raked/mowed/bagged/cleared all grass/leaves/branches in ALL back yard
straightened downstairs
vacumed downstairs
hung 2 pictures downstairs
cut board by stove
straightened emmas room and left note
Upstairs LR:
- added 3 chairs
- added end tables
- added wall art
- added picture above piano
-added lamps
- added decorative touches (candles, scarves, table cloths)
installed garretts small blinds
straightened up guest room

and have I mentioned this is my diabetic father and my been on chemo for 11 months then off for a couple of months mom? :) . . We are truly blessed. 


At 5:18 AM, Blogger Chad Gardner said...

That is a SWEET couch in the picture! :P

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Marie said...

That is awesome!! your parents are the best. Wish we could have helped them on this one!!!!


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