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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grammie's 50th Birthday Weekend

Thursday we flew up to Natick and surprised Grammie for her birthday bash. Sunday was Grammie's 50th birthday, Great Grammie's 70th birthday, and Mother's Day all in one. . . (And Mandy H's birthday too). Matt found good deals on tickets and a rental car so we decided to surprise her and come up. Jesse was the only one who knew of our plans. It was great! We went straight to Grammie's work and told them to tell her she had visitors. She walked out and was speechless and surprised! It was super. 

Our plans went:
Thursday - surprise Grammie, play with Grammie and Jesse at the park
Friday - go to Boston Children's museum with Jesse! ride a train to get there! bugaboo creek for dinner with talking trees, moose, and bison
Saturday - play at mall play place, eat lunch with daddy's friends, family party
Sunday - church, cheese dip lunch, play on the commons
Monday - go to aquarium with Grammie, ride more trains to get there
Tuesday - pack up and leave

and of course lots and lots of Dunkin Donuts!

The Boston Children's Museum 

Family shots and The aquarium


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Bet you LOVED that your son was holding a snake (even if it was fake!) Glad your trip went well and you had a blast!!


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