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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my kids smarts

I am going to take a moment to brag on my kids. Both of our kids teachers at school, daycare, and Bible class are constantly telling us how smart our kids are and how animated they are. So far, all their teachers love how they get excited about whatever the subject is. They love how they can answer the questions and do answer the questions asked. I have had different teachers say things like "wow. she is so smart. like how she puts things together and can tell you about thing." or "he is the only one who knows all the answers in class" or "she/he talks and communicates so well for their age" Normally I just say Thanks a blow it off as people who don't spend much time around either kids age group so they are easily awed. But it keeps happening over and over. I am so proud of what my kids have been blessed by God with. I love the fact God blessed them with the ability to learn and retain knowledge. I love the fact they are happy enough in life to be joyful in classes. There are several times a day I get so frustrated answering the "why?" questions. It is nice to have affirmation that all that's paying off. All in all I am very proud of my children.

Ok I am done bragging now and the next posts will be about the silly things they do through their walk in life. :)


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