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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our song

I have been calling Garrett "my sunshine" and singing "you are my sunshine" for quite a while now. He really is a ray of sunshine in my life. Even when I am very frustrated with him and want to scream, he can smile that smile and I melt. I see big problems in his teenage years for me :) Well, the other day his Daddy was singing "you are my sunshine" to him and he frowned at him and said "No daddy. that our song" So apparently only mommy is allowed to sing that song with him. My heart swelled.

Then Emma started getting a tad green with jealousy and wanted a song too. Well she's my "love bug" I did not know any love bug songs. I told her that and she began to make up a song right there. It's a very simple one with the words consisting of "Love bug I love you" but I thought it was amazing that right there on the spot she began to make a song up with changing melodys and everything. THAT she gets from her Daddy.

So now everyone is happy and has a special song. I just have to have matt figure out the tune to Emma's song and write it down to real sheet music so we can remember it when we are older too.

I love this age with my kids. (maybe not every minute of it but all in all I love it) :)


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