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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Spring Cleaning part 1

This is how many dolls and stuffed toys my kids had a couple weeks ago (and I came ot find more after we weeded this down)

My 4 year old daughter had 14 dolls not including stuffed animals  . . ..  just dolls!

I looked at this and decided it was time to spring clean! We went through and picked out 5 babies she could keep and 6 stuffed animals. We saved a couple Cabbage Patch dolls to take back to Me-me's house to play with. The rest we sold at a  garage sale. I went through Garrett's and picked  a couple of babies and a few animals to keep. We sold the rest of his. They had way too many dolls/animals to even play with them. They were just left all over the house. I went through her cabbage patch clothes and only kept the matching outfits and coats. I went through the baby blankets and only kept about 3 each for each kid to play with. I went through our big blankets ad only kept a manageable number. I went through our toy boxes and got rid of a lot of the baby toys and toys that they really never played with. I got rid of almost all the McDonald toys. I got rid of one toy box that basically became a dumping ground for toys when they were actually put in there. I put all the beanie babies in one big zip up bag and they can get them down and play with the different animals then put them back up when they are done. I straightened up the downstairs closets and rearranged the downstairs furniture. I went through Emma's room and began tossing things she never played with. Tossing things that were broken or missing pieces. I moved all puzzles to the kitchen kid's shelf. I found a place for everything in her room (or tossed it if there wasn't a place for it) I weeded out her purses to carry random things around the house and drop. After I found a place for everything and was done weeding out everything, I took her on a tour of her room and sowed her where everything belonged. That way she would know when I said clean up your room where things would fit. So far she and I have done a pretty good job or cleaning up every couple of nights so her room is "granny approved" :) The downstairs and her room are a lot easier to keep straightened It has been great. I still need to add boxes for some of the toys in the closets and I still have more organizing to do in the rest of the house but for now I am proud of what we accomplished  a couple of weeks ago. 


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