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Saturday, June 20, 2009

long time no see

Sorry there has been a lack of blogging to the 2 people who depend on this blog to keep them updated on our lives! We have been busy off and on and tired the other times. :) So goes life with two kids. To do a quick update G-ride is working on potty training but just doesn't care that much. It drives mommy crazy but oh well i guess. He'll do it better when he cares more. Emma is out of school for the summer. Both kids come to daycare with me 3 days a week (10 hour days) and we are off 4 days a week. Those days consist of park time, pool time, and friends time. Emma will start Kindergarten in the fall at a nearby public school. We have decided to go public with both kids during elementary, then switch to CAC for high school. It hasn't really sunk in to Emma yet, but it will. She'll do better than I will with it. She makes friends in two minutes wherever we go. She will have no problems adjusting. G-ride will stay at the daycare one more year since most public schools only offer Pre K-4. I will continue to work at the daycare for a least one more year, then may go back to school for either a teaching degree or Child Life degree. We'll se how this next 6 months go before i really decide on that one. Matt is doing good. Having fun with the "big kids" at church a lot. Enjoying work most of the time.

We just got back for a quick trip to Boston for my Sis-in-laws wedding reception. It was greta to get to see all the family. Especially fun to let Emma and Garrett play with their northern cousins.

I took the kids to Riverfest this year. Kids booths were fun. Should not have tried to go to the 9pm willie nelson concert. Especially while pulling a big red wagon. Well live and learn. :)

The kids are having fun at the water park here in town but this year G-man has decided he doesn't like water that goes higher than his knees. That has been a fun development for mommy.

Our home pool

Nearby water park

Best friends


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Glad you all had a good trip! Emma will do great what ever school she attends- a social butterfly is what you have. :) Did you eat at DD much?


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