Welch Family Journal

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter 2010

As is our tradition we went to texarkana for easter this year. Funny thing was, garrett and I were out for good friday so we all made plans to go to texark on thursday eve, assuming emma was out too because my school follows her schools calendar. Well, apparently she was supposed to be out . . . we let her skip to be with cousins! Too cool parents! We went to granny and big daddys. We got to play with cousins, caroline and hannah. We go to go to How to Train Your Dragon (again) with cousins and Aunt Tanya! We hunted Easter eggs. The kids got Easter baskets. We got to play at me-me and po-pos. I had to dye easter eggs with the kids . . . but it didn't kill me . . . thankfully. We got to spend time with Aunt Lulu! We even go to see Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jason for a bit. It was a great weekend with family.


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