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Monday, December 07, 2009

Emma's 6th Birthday Weekend

This year Emma celebrated her birthday for a whole weekend! It started the week before with a family party at Granny and Big Daddy's house. Granny cooked chicken alfredo, ceaser salad, bread, and applesauce just for emma. Then came the pink cake with pink icing. :) Finally a round of several presents from Granny and Big Daddy and me-me and po-po.

Her girly friend party was next, at a pottery studio. She and her friends got to pick a piece of pottery to paint, eat cupcakes, and open presents. She really enjoyed her girly party!

After that, Matt and I surprised her with her first ever concert - Casting Crowns. We bought her earplugs just in case it got too loud for her. The ear plugs didn't stay in very well and she did complain a couple of times of it being too loud. Then she FELL ASLEEP for 45 minutes during the concert! WOW! ( glad we were given the tickets and didn't pay for them!)

Finally, what welch birthday would be complete without a trip to Larry's Pizza? We went to Larry's on Sat night with our small group and close friends, and Taylor and Lauren (best big kids ever!), and Aunt Tanya and Sara! We had about 26 people there for her. She loved it!

All in all it was a wonderful Birthday weekend for my sweet baby turned 6. 


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