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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pope Christmas 2009

We had our annul Pope Family Christmas weekend this past weekend. Just as we did last year, we rented two cabins in Arkadelphia. It was wonderful. We had wonderful food, great bonding over games and shared moments. It was way too short a weekend. There were several serious health obstacles for 3 members of our family to even be able to make it there, let alone participate in the festivities. I am so thankful we were able to all do this again this year and am praying for another great weekend net Christmas. The kiddos had fun getting stockings form Santa and presents from family. After we said "ok open!" I got lost in a pile of wrapping paper. I'm not sure who got my kids what. I just know they have loved everything the got! Family really is a true blessing from God.

Holding off the kids until we had all the presents under the tree. 

His new remote controlled Dino

My little ham

Mommy's Sunshine

My Love Bug

Family Shot


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