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Monday, September 13, 2010

Piker/Welch Zoo Day

The kids and I had the honor of a sleep over at Mrs. Anna and Julia's house recently. We ate popcorn, watched Emma's dance recital video, then split up - kids video in one room and girly video in the other. (Mr. Jerrod and Mr. Matt were out doing other things) the kids had a blast playing and watching TV. Only a couple of squabbles but that's to be expected among siblings. :)

After the kids went to bed and Mr. Jerrod came home, the grown ups watch some Prison Break TV. LOVE IT!

Then we all went to bed. After some room/bed rearranging mid-night we got back to sleep and slept all night.

In the morning we got up, ate donuts, and got ready to head to the zoo!

Roaring like lions

Pretty in pink

What's not to love?!

Being Flamingos

Feeding the fish

Goofy girl

We had a lot of fun together at the zoo. Afterwards we had a picnic at a nearby playground. The kids played while the mommies chatted. . . . . Best part of the whole weekend (besides Prison Break) was when Julia was talking and said "sissy did something" without even thinking about it. (She was referring to Emma) . . . We love our Pikers!


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