Welch Family Journal

Sunday, June 27, 2010

funny sayings from garrett

During church this morning Garrett looked over and saw a kid his age standing on the back of the pew. He looked at me and said "He's standing on the pew. That's just not safe. . . . well at least his daddy's helping hold him up" . . . yep Tanya, Granny, and I are teaching him right. Watch out for safety G!

Garrett was listening to a man sing "When you wish upon a star" at Emma's dance recital. When he was done. G leans over to Aunt Sarah and says. "umm sa-ruh. One of my dreams can't come true because it's about a bear that can talk."

While at a seafood restaurant in Branson. We are talking about there being salt in the Ocean (for some reason). G looks up and asks "if there's a salt ocean, is there a pepper ocean?"

Both our kids say some of the craziest things. They CONSTANTLY ask questions to learn more and more.


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