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Friday, September 10, 2010

New school year

The school year is officially underway for all of us here at casa welch.

Emma started 1st grade at a local public school here in town. She went to K there as well. We love Indian Hills. They have great teachers and she and I have made many good friends. She enjoys her new teacher this year and is thriving in class. So far she's done a good job keeping her talking in check. (we had a real problem with this all last year - go figure in this family). She's doing a lot better on her read skills. She adores art of any kind.

Garrett is in his last year with Mommy at school. He is doing so much better than last year. He's matured a lot over the summer. He's still a 4 year old active boy, but doing much better with school rules. :) He is kinda big man on campus this year. In fact he has 4 little girls (ages 3-4) who follow him around and try to always sit by him. Sadly, he is oblivious to this. someday he will care. I approve of all 4 so i am allowing it to continue at this point. :) He is trying to sound out words in books at home. Hopefully he is ready and willing and will start reading soon. He is beginning to really enjoy art just about as much as Emma.

So far, this year is heading into a good year at school. Garrett's more in control of himself so that helps the morning pass quickly and with less stress.

In other news:
Emma is now the toothless wonder. She is missing her 2 front teeth. I tell people it's because she goes to public school and you should see the other kid but she always breaks in and corrects me.

Emma has been moved into the 8-12 year old tap/jazz and ballet classes. Her teacher seems to think she has potential. Emma loves to be with the older class and is finally not the tallest kid in the room!

Garrett has decided he is going to be a tow truck driver when he grows up. He is obsessed with them right now.

I love reading my kindle so much, emma drew a picture at church of her and garrett playing ball outside. Where was mommy in this picture? She was sitting off to the side, under an umbrella, reading her kindle. . . . out of the mouths of babes. :)

Garrett and Emma both love arts and crafts of any kind. They love to draw, color, cut, glue, tape . . . . and the list goes on. They both have an awesome imagination when it comes to making stuff and playing with it.


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