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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Boston Children's Museum

Recently Grammie (Matt's mom), the kids and I went to the Boston Children's Museum.(www.BostonChildrensMuseum.org). We opted to drive in instead of taking the train. Yes, Marti drove in Boston! Grammie had reserved the Library passes for us so the entrance fee was only 1/2 it's usual cost. . . .LOVE library passes!

The first thing we noticed was the sign that said "New exhibit- Wizard of Oz" Yes!!

Emma started off climbing this next thing that went up 3 stories and back down again. Garrett didn't want to do that. :) Don't blame him. It was pretty crowded.

1st the "Science Playground" where they saw live animals (yes even a snake I accidentally glimpsed), a microscopes.

The bubble room (sorry they are sideways)

The "raceway". A room with several large marble tracts that helped you calculate gravity and speed.

Emma's Favorite. The Art room. This day they were using tools Architects use.

Johnny's Workbench room. Real Saws!

In the Arthur and Friends room.

Video of Garrett and Emma playing with the interactive wall projections.

Peep's World room. (water and Sand play mostly)

Writing with the glow wand

G's favorite room, Construction Zone!

This next section is for Madi and Mrs. Allison. :)
Following the Yellow Brick Road

Finally the Wizard of Oz room.

Trying to stand in the tilting farmhouse

Making a horse of a different color

Controlling the Wizard

Getting to be brave while crawling through the Lion's tunnel

Making gears run with the Tin Man

Riding the bike (toto in the basket)

"Im a horse boy"
Theory- "If a cow boy rides a horse. then a horse boy rides cows"
Straight from my 5 year old's mouth! Pretty good theorizing.

Making a tornado

Climbing a wall in the Kid Power area

Playing basketball

Trying to follow the pattern on the light up floor

Here's the kids vidoes of them trying to pull themselves up.


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