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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our big move

In case you haven't been told or heard through the grapevine, we've moved to Massachusetts!

Matt got a part time Youth Minister job up near his family. He will also be working part time for his current employer Acxiom (based in LR) as a computer programmer. . . . but his true love is teenagers!

We are very excited for this move! We are so very sad to leave all our family and friends and "big kids" in Arkansas but knows God has great things in store for us up here. Arkansas has been our families home for 11 years. And Marti's home for a few years longer.

I used to used this blog to help keep the Mass family up to date with the going on's of our lives (ok the kid's lives more than us grown ups!) now I will use it to help keep the AR/MO family up to date. I will do my best to update at least weekly. For this first post I'll just run down some FAQ's. ;)

When are you moving? We officially moved in last night
Where are you living? Currently we are living with Matt's mom and Sister/Brother in law in Natick, MA. Once our house in AR sells we will be buying a house in Norton, MA
Is your house for sale in AR? not yet. we have a good friend who is a contractor working on updating the bathrooms and kitchen before we put it on the market. Hopefully it'll be done soon and sell very soon!
Are you (Marti) going to work? Yes, I am currently looking for a 9-2 job so I can drop kids at school and pick up from school
Are you sleeping at Dunkin Donuts yet? no, not yet. We are going to have to set a limit on how much I am allowed to eat or they will be rolling me in and out of the building soon!
Are you accepting visitors? YES. Though until we have a house of our own, you'd have to get a hotel if you come up. :)
Are the kids excited? yes, though it's still like vacation to them so far. They miss their friends already and the cat but are having fun too.

Later this week, I'll try to take pictures of all our new surroundings and post on here for all to see.

Much love to all! I need to go unpack some more.


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