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Monday, July 16, 2012

Winter Break 2012

The school system up north has breaks split up differently than in the south. Down south we had 2 weeks at Christmas and 1 week of Spring break. Up here they have 1 week at Christmas, 1 week in Feb deemed "winter break", and 1 week in April as Spring break.

For winter break, the kids and I (w/o Matt) fly back to AR for the week. They did great on both flights, even if Matthew did book us on a night flight on the way there and a super early flight on the way back. :) We got into LR about midnight and got to our rental car. The whole rental car thing was new for Me, usually Matt does all that. Thankfully he'd reserved it, confirmed our flight time with them so they'd still be there, and told me what to do. We drove to Tanya's new house and crashed. Of course she had two blow up mattresses with Gender appropriate bedding complete with a toy for each child on top waiting. What an Aunt!

We spent the week relaxing with Tan. She took the kids on a hike up a mountain (while I stayed home and napped/read) the first day. Come to find out they ventured off the trail and actually climbed rocks and all that jazz. The kids loved it.

We went for a tame walk around the base of the mountain another day.

Shared in an interesting Sonic eat in-open air lunch.

Went to the movie- Big Miracle.

The kids and I went to Texarkana for a day to visit with Big Daddy and Mepo.

We were honored to be asked to attend the awards ceremony for Peyton's cheerleading career.

Emma had a sleepover with one of her really good girlfriends.

We went to church and confused several people.

We went to a Japanese Grill place where Tanya ruined my daughter by introducing her to Shrimp. yuck!

Tanya cooked us breakfast and several dinners. Plus we went out all over too. One dinner was deemed Family Game Night and Tan brought out some weird game the kids really enjoyed.

It too was too short but not nearly as rushed as Christmas. We loved getting to spend so much time with Aunt Tanya. We miss her!


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