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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fun in the sun

We went to texarkana this past sunday - wednesday for my Uncle Don's funeral. He was a great christain man and he will be missed. The funeral was tuesday. Monday morning we got up and went to meme and popo's to play for a little bit. Then ate lunch with Big Daddy and headed toward Uncle Hoyts swimming pool. It was a whole family outing. Emma calls Uncle Hoyt either "Grandpa" or "Uncle Oint" Emma had a blast in the pool. She loved getting to feel so big swimming "by herself" in a floaty ring. It was a bunch of fun for us all. Garrett even got to join in on the fun for a couple of minutes. Though he would prefer a lukewarm bath tub to the cool pool waters. :)

Thursday was crazy because I had to watch Emma, Isaac, adn Garrett all day, bake my cake, ice my cake, make extra icing, and find a sitter for the kids that evening so matt and casey could go play softball. I got it all achieved. Though the sitter part was hard because either no one answered tehir phone, were out of town, or were spending time with their parents ;) so finally I got ahold of Suzanna Brown (better known as Davia's mom) and she agreed to come watch the 3 kids for the hour between when the guys needed to leave and when kellie and i could get there. That was a lifesaver. Though after she left emma kept saying davia this and davia that. I had to keep reminding that wasn't davia, it was davias mommy. Kellie and I had a laughing good time in our cake decorating class. We both need to work on our icinig consistency. Her's was too thick. Some of mine was too thick but mostly too thin. It made doing the things we needed to do laughable.

Friday we went to amy kelton's house to have our pictures taken. The kids did pretty good. http://amykeltonproofs.photosite.com/ (our pictures should be up in a couple of weeks)

Then the best thing of all TANYA AND AIRY ARE HOME! We got to go to Ms. Pam's house and see them and get our presents. Emma loves the fact they got her a sheep that can take his outfit off. Then we rushed home, ate lunch and, changed clothes. Next Mandy came over and Emma and I went to WRC. She was having a blast jumping in the waves of the wave pool, playing on the duck slide in the kiddie area, and Laying on her back in the super shallow area of both. The best part was when she spotted Katie, Madison, Chris, and Taylor in the deep end. She wanted to badly to go over there and see them. They spotted her and acme over and she pulled the shy thing and didn't saya word. uuggg! Then we got on the lazy river. Not 2 seconds after we get going on it it begins to rain. No biggi we're at a water park you are supposed to get wet. Then it rains harder and thumders. As we are rounding a corner I see they are making people get out of the big pool. Lovely we're floating where we can't eaisly get out. So I begin to paddle my arms to help us finish faster. A ittle bit before then end a friendly lifeguard boy comes up and pushes us to the end. Emma thought that was pretty fun. By that time it's 3pm and we were going to eave at 3:20 anyway so we pack it in and leave. She's in the car 4 minutes then she's out like a light.

On Garrett news, he's going to eat us out of house and home eventually. Thursday I thought I'd try a little rice ceral with Garrett just to see what he would do with it. . . . He slurped it down like he'd been eating it for weeks! ok fine I thought. I tried applesauce that evening and he slurped that down too! It was a size 2 jar! So we got more jar food and rice ceral last night. I fed him a size 2 jar mixed with rice cereal and he downed it good. Now noone tell his Dr because he's not supposed to start cereal or foods untill 4 months old. Yeah my 2 1/2 month old has started food and started on size 2 jars! BOYS!


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Oh yea...he is going to eat you out of house and home. My boys eat more than I do and they are itty bitty! Riley is eatring the fruit puff things now and loving them! Miss you!!!


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