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Friday, June 09, 2006

What a fun filled week

We have had so much fun this week. First it's so great Isaac comes to our house monday through thursday for about 3 hours every morning. Wednesday we had Mandy come over and watch Garrett while Emma, Isaac and I went to Wild River Country with Marci, Abby, and Izzy. That was loads of fun. Then came our new "big kid" 2 year old Bible class that night. Yesterday Emma, Isaac, Garrett, and I went to the park in the morning. Today Kellie, Isaac, Emma, Garrett, and I went to the Zoo. Man it's been so busy but so much fun! Oh and last night Jennifer and Caroline stopped in for a little while. That was awsome too. Even better is Tanya and Airy come home next Friday!!! I miss them so much! I don't like not being able to call Tan whenever I want.


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Tanya said...

I MISS YOU GUYS TOO!!!! Something will happen thats funny and I'll think I need to call mom and Marti....no such luck. C-ya soon!

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Tanya said...

I just read the entry about Emma being my child....and I hate to let you in on it...but she is! That whole you giving birth thing was just a really bad dream. =)

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Krista said...

Those are great pics. Glad you guys are having so much fun this summer!


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