Welch Family Journal

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sick again 2

Tuesday we stayed home and Garrett was fine all day long. He went down for a late nap and was ok but kinda warm so i drugged him. I wnt to wake him up and brought him downstairs to try to drink some milk when we put emma to bed at 9pm. I thought he felt hotter so we checked his temp. 105.6. Ok we call mom. We give him advil and put him in the tub. Which he was not happy about at all! It went down to 102. I called Rachel (my boss) and asked her if I could only work 9-11:30. She was fine with that since all the kids but teachers kids are gone by 11:30 on wednesdays. Matt stayed home with Garrett until I got home around 12:30. Daddy says he acted fine just slept alot. He slept alot during the day. He was fine at Bible class but fell asleep. He was difficult to put to sleep. Not because he wasn't tired but he was acting like his tummy was hurting. So I gave him gas drops and after about 45 minutes of rocking and shifting positions 500 times he fell asleep for the night. He was fine most of the night but around 3:30am started feeling hot again. I drugged him all day and took him to daycare. He was ok but wanted to be held alot. He's asleep again now and kinda cranky. I guess he's begining to come out of the darkness and slowly working towards the light.


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