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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The show must not go on

Today we went to the Arkansas Children's Theater production of 'This little Piggy went to market'. It is a funny story with a cajun twist. The shows are usually 1 hour long. We were about 40 minutes into it and the house lights come up, a lady comes out on stage saying "we have to stop the show. Bret hurt himself really bad. I'm not sure what we're going to do for you. Maybe if you could keep your ticket stubs we can get you a rain ticket for another preformance. He has really hurt himself bad and can't continue" I have to be honest I didn't see anything onstage but Kellie said she saw him put his leg through the stage when he was jumping around. I applaud him for finishing the scene without letting on to all the young children that something was terribly wrong. I pray that he will be ok and not hurt too bad. The problem with trying to continue the rest of the play without him was that there were no understudies. So we were all let out 15 minutes early with the hopes of coming back when either he is bandaged up or when they can find a stagehand that knows the lines. Until that point it was a very good production. I had to explain a few things to Emma to help her figure out what was going on but not too much. Not nearly as many questions as Marci had with Abby. (Marci and Abby went with us. Kellie, Isaac, and Mimi met us there too) Apparently Abby was full of questions like "I wonder where those people sleep" Marci explains this is there job they work at, when they are done they go home to their houses. "I see" then after too many questions she is told to stop asking questions. Then you hear "I sure do wish I knew where they go when they go off to that dark area" Not tech. a question there Abby, sneaky sneaky. I was laughing most of the way back to their house being told about all the questions Abby asked. I must say that according to the answers Marci told her, Marci did a great job answering all the questions.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger KellieAnn said...

Seriously, how did you people not notice that the little pig had to help him get his leg out of the stage! He REALLY put it ALL THE WAY THRU! He then stood in one spot until it was time to go down into the cellar to commandeer the "golden treasure." P.S. How are you updating this, I thought your youngest ruined your computer with a Dr. Pepper???


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