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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Go Pats?

Matt was watching the Patriots on TV last night. Emma and I stayed downstairs as long as we could stand it, then we went upstairs to watch a girly show. I asked Garrett if he wanted to go with Mommy. He looked at me going up the stairs, looked at the TV and Daddy. Then went over to Mommys chair and sat down. (He's been a real Daddys boy here lately) So I went upstairs and told Matt to call me if he was too much trouble. A while later I hear Matt coming up the stiras saying "show mommy" I get ready for him with marker all over himself or somthing . . . He walks in with Emmas bike helmet on. Matt said he was watching the Tv and playing on the floor. He found the helmet in the toy box. Walked over to the Tv and looked at it, and brought the helmet over to Matt to put on him. He saw the football players with helmets on and wanted to be like them. :) too smart and cute! I know his daddy was proud!


At 8:33 PM, Blogger angmo said...

Very cute!


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