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Monday, December 03, 2007

Cheerleader Birthday

We had Emma's 4th Birthday party this past saturday. It was a cheerleader/sports player party. Everyone was encouraged to come dressed up. We had face painting, coloring "sports signs", a megaphone cake, and REAL cheerleaders come a preform. The REAL cheerleaders made the party! It made Emma feel SOOOO special! I am so thankful fo those sweet girls who gave up a few hours of their saturday to make my little girls birthday so perfect.

The cake. Sam's made the cake then Mommy decorated. Are those mad decorating skills or what!?

REAL cheerleaders!

They did a cheer most of the kids knew and let them do it with them!

Happy Birthday Emma cheer!

Emma got soooo shy when they

Granny in her fooball vest playing with Garrett.

Granny and Big Daddy.

Tanya and Allen.

Face painting with the REAL cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Riley and Claire

Ainsley, Aniya, Izzy

Isaac, Cauy-Boy, Nathan, Andrew

Fredrick, Emma

Emily, Aniya, Emma, Hannah

Why would our moms do this to us?

P.S. Sorry this post was soooo late in being uploaded (kellie) but my computer hates me right now and literally froze up 8 times while trying to post this over two days. Uuugggg!


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