Welch Family Journal

Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas again

Today we opened the 2 big boxes of presents from the Natick said of the family. It was great! Garrett was so excited about getting a "bball packpack" (red sox baseball back pack) he wanted to wear it right then. He almost wouldn't put it down long enough to see there were presents in it. On present in it was a Red Sox Mr. Potatohead. He LOVES it! 
Emma liked her pink back pack but that turned into love when i showed her it was a special back pack that was just the right size for her Leap Pad. It has special pockets for her leap pad books and cartridges. She LOVED her fur real tiger. It responds to your touch. 
I am going to enjoy my gift cards that were greatly needed! Thank you SO much!
It was a good 2nd Christmas morning. :) 


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