Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Garrett's gum

Emma got a gumball machine from aunt Tanya for her birthday. Actually it's turned out to be a great present. Emma can go get a piece of gum anytime I say it's ok without me having to go get it down for her. Well, as any of you with siblings knows what one does the other wants to do too. I have decided Garrett's too young for gumballs. So he gets "his ball" too (2 skittles). Usually I have the skittles bag up pretty high. Lately I've gotten lazy and left them on the counter where I can tell Emma to get Garrett a ball when she gets hers. Great most of the time but the other day he was able to reach the bag himself. This is what walks into the LR to greet me . . . . 

How many gum balls can one 22 month old fit into his mouth and let drool rainbow drool out of it? . . . 6 . . . at least


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