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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The games children play

Most children play games. They play house, store, school. They pretend to be in their favorite movies or TV shows. **backstory** we went to my friends house (also a coworker) to watch her two kids, close to both my kids ages, a few nights ago. Emma and her boy, Casen, hit it off. They played "dorthy" and watch The Wizard of Oz. It was cute. A few days after that Emma had a day off school so went to daycare with me and got to spend the day with Casen again. Yesterday it was overheard by his teacher he was playing with a friend saying "You be the wicked with . . . I'll be Emma . . " Yes he wasn't playing House he was playing "Emma" . . That's how you know your super cool! If all your little friends want to pretend to be you! I found this very funny and cute!


At 5:01 PM, Blogger laura said...

Isn't that so funny! One of the families in Round Rock that we know from our supporting church heard their kids playing a video game the other night. They have two boys and one girl... their daughter decided to be Laura and the two boys decided that they could both be Gary :) how funny! I hope I was a superhero or something cool... we'll have to email them and find out :)


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