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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

What a wintery snow day!

If you look REAL close you can see some sleet on the steps.

Over 1/2 of our blood family lives in places like Jefferson City, MO and Natick, Mass. They understand snow and the effects of it. Me growing up in MO and Matt growing up in Mass always find the people from Arkansas funny around the wintertime. Friday there was call for sleet and snow in the forecast. For a little while, there was sleet in our area. All of a sudden the schools are shutting down, which means our daycare shuts down. So we're calling parents to come pick up their kids and trying to get all the employees with kids sent home first. I called Kellie and told her to get Emma when she got the call to get Isaac. (since she was off and on that side of town) I am so glad I did that though. It took me 55 minutes to get from my exit to the next exit a mile away! once I got over the bridge I could go the speed limit again and finally made it to the restaurant where she'd eaten lunch with Kellie and Isaac. I got the kids home fine. It wasn't even raining, let alone sleeting, by the time I was close to my house. I put them down for a nap. 3 hours later I went to check on the "bad weather" above are the shots from our back porch. :) now that's a "snow day" if I ever saw one! :) 
While I was at a standstill in traffic I was busy texting Tanya and mom. Tanya and I remember walking uphill in a foot (or 3) of snow barefoot to get to the bus to go to school in MO. The kids these days have it so easy with their snow days! 
To be fair, there was some bad weather in the surrounding area around Little Rock, and there were several road accidents because of the icy roads. But the statewide crazies that happen anytime snow is in the forecast makes me laugh! 
It reminds me of when I was preggers with Emma and working at Children's hospital daycare. They have a policy where a few people sign up and stay all night at the daycare if there's really bad weather in the forecast. Since the Drs have to come to work weather the weathers bad or not we needed to be there to take their kids for them. I misunderstood  the policy and went home for the night. Saw the schools were closed but know I was on "snow patrol" so I got into my SUV and drove carefully to work. I didn't drive 5 miles an hour like some not so smart people. I just drove a little slower and much more cautiously. When I got there my boss asked where I lived. I said "Maumelle" (all the way across town). A couple of days later she made an announcement over the intercom to the effect of "no one should use too much snow and ice to get to work" as an excuse if Marti can drive across town just fine! :) Apparently some people had called in that only lives a few blocks over. Though they'd probably never been taught how to drive on snow and ice. For that I give thanks to my mom and Po-po! 


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Granny said...

One correction. You never walked through 3 feet of snow to catch the bus. Maybe 18 inches or 2 feet, though.
I agree that driving on "snow" in Arkansas is funny until you see the way that Arkansans drive when there is 1 inch or less of snow....then it becomes dangerous.


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