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Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's play catch up

It has been another long while since I posted here. Sorry! Here's some of what we've been up to down south. 

Garrett and I started our new school. It's Montessori method so that's been a huge adjustment for the both of us. Also, he's now expected to act like a student not a "special teacher kid" so we've both been adjusting to that as well. Finally, he gets a shorter nap than before since we have to get to emma's school early to get in the pick up line, another adjustment. SO far, we are both doing pretty good with all the changes. 

Emma started Kindergarten at a close public school. She was very worried at first but already really enjoys it there. Plus as a bonus she gets to participate in CAC cheer camp just like last year. Which she is so very excited about!

Emma has started dance class for the first time ever. She's taking Ballet/Tap. She really likes her teacher and has a church friend in class with her. 

Emma has also started soccer again. This time we went with a different league closer to home. She has a church friend (but not I-man) and an old CAC friend on her team. Having at least one person she already knows helps her feel at home right away. I think she's going to really like this league and these teams. 

Garrett starts soccer in two weeks. His overlaps with emmas one night a week, so we will have to enlist Mrs. Kellie or a teen to help with transportation on that one. Also more fun, garrett's is "parent involved" soccer. That's right, MOMMY has to go out there and kick it with him. Uggg. Don't ever say I don't love my kids. :) 

Emma has new curtains and a new quilt, thanks to Granny!


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