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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The beginning of being a true boy

About two weeks ago, Garrett (3 year old) and Emma (5 year old) were playing in his room. All was well, until I heard a louder than usual thud and loud crying. I ran in and found G rubbing his head. I went to hug him and felt his head. My hand was wet with blood. Nice. I asked what happened. Here's the story:

G: Sissy, push me off the bed.
E: Ok (push)

They made such great choices that day. So I went and put  a rag on it to clean it up. After a couple of minutes it was still bleeding (but not fast or a bunch). I took a picture with my phone and called Granny. :) She said I should go to ER and have it looked at if the bleeding wasn't stopping we might need a stitch or two. 

I loaded up the kids after calling and canceling Emma's play date that was supposed to be at our house any minute. On the way I called and left a message on Matt's phone (he was on a trip with no cell coverage for 2 days) to let him know what was going on. 

We waited in the ER for 2 1/2 hours. Thankfully once we were in a room, we had a TV with cartoons on it. The DR came in and looked at it and said "in these cases we usually just put a staple in it" Dr said what?! Ok I can do this. The nurse holds his head and the Dr puts a staple in. G is so brave. He doesn't scream. He only yells "owww" then cries about 5 minutes. E was there for everything and she cries some too. (seeing her brother hurt made her heart hurt). We are told to wait 10 days then have our Dr take it out. . . . I find out a few days later, basically they have a staple remover like in your office and they pull it out like that. Lovely this will be great. 

Everything goes fine. He's able to sleep fine. We make sure to keep it dry and not submerge it like we were told. Then on day 8 we are playing on the floor being very careful not to bang his head and I look over and can tell the staple is now 1/2 out. I try to pull on the staple but it's in too good. We call/text 4 different nurses and get about 3 different answers of what t do. I finally call Children's hospital GPC and talk to the nurse. She says to leave it alone and call our dr in morning if it's not hurting him. We call and get an appt to take the staple out BUT it's right during Emma's 1st Cheer practice or the week. So, being the loving and concerned mommy I am, I call Aunt Tanya and ask her to just take it out for us at work so we can go to Cheer clinic as planned. :) 

I go get emma from school early because of the timing of it all. When she finds out why she's being picked up, she starts crying "i don't want to see it" . . may have traumatized her more than the boy on this one. oops. We drive up and are old by information kids aren't allowed on tanys' floor. tanya then sneaks us into her break room. Emma goes around the corner. Tan pulls once and almost gets it all but G moves his head and says "My changed my mind. I don't want it out" (yeah too late buddy!) Tan grabs once more and it's finally done! G rubs his head, then proceeds to climb on the chairs. 

Finally our ordeal is over. I know this is just the first in a long line of weekend ER visits and broken/torn/banged up body parts. All the joys of having a boy!


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Amen!! It is just the beginning- but they are so worth it! :)


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