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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cheer Clinic 2009

Emma has changed schools and goes to a public school nearby. This did not stop us from signing up and attending CAC's Cheer Clinic just like we have the past two years! I figure, she's going back to CAC in 6th grade anyway. Might as well let her learn to cheer there. We had Cheer clinic Mon-Thurs 3:45 - 5:15. All for a minute long song. BUT She had a lot of fun. She got to play with friends from her CAC class last year. AND she got to do that 1 minute long dance at half time at a CAC football game.

Here's pictures of the fun she had . . . . .

Her Cheer bag they all got at the Clinic.

The shakers they made (filled with rocks to make noise)

Friends from CAC class last year. 

A few of the "big kids" that Emma was sure came just to see her . . . .



CHRIS . . . FYI Emma has a huge crush on Chris. :) As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she said "Remember Chris is going to be here. I think that's his car." Too Cute!

The kids waiting to "help" the football players break through the banner and come on the field.

This 3 year old was in my class at Day school and loved Emma when she'd come with me to work. I put Emma to work all week helping get this sweetie through her first Cheer Clinic. 

One of Emma's favorite cheerleaders. 

Here's the super short dance . . . .


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