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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little ears

Matt and I were reminded how closely we have to watch what we say when our children are with us last night. Last night, we all went to see a movie. It was a late one 7PM! Ok, so that's late for the kids to be getting home afterwards, into bed, and up for church the next day. :) After the movie we stopped at the book store and Matt and in and got the book and it's sequel for the kids. The kids were talking in the backseat. Matt and I were talking in the front. Matt said something to the effect of "blah, blah blah, the good news is I've been working on that for 2 months" . . . then without missing a beat from the back seat we hear Garrett say "the bad news is we're crashing"  . . . What?! Yeah he picked up on Matt saying "the good news is" and linked it to one of the kids favorite quotes form Madagascar 2 which goes "there's good news, and bad news. The good news is we will be landing shortly. The bad news is, we're crash landing" . .. Matt and I cracked up over that. We weren't talking to him. We weren't talking loudly. He just heard a snippet and reacted. Just another friendly reminder, they are like Big Brother and always watching and listening even when you think they aren't. Oh Be Careful what you say. 


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