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Monday, October 04, 2010

Garrett's mild color blindness

I just got back from the eye dr with Garrett. He has been diagnosed with a "mild red-green color blindness"
This means he can see red and green but no strongly. He also probably sees everything else in a different shade than us "normal" people do. Something very red to us might seem orangy to him. He also has trouble with shading. If you hold up something blue and something purple separately he can tell you the color. If they are all mixed together he usually can't tell the difference. He is supposed to be re-checked every couple of years to see if it turns from mild to severe. As for now, nothing really changes in his life except my expectations of his work in school. The dr said next year when he starts Kindergarten, I should let his teacher know of this issue so she can be aware for testing sake but all in all shouldn't really effect his school work.

Ps. emma who hovered during the test did fine and wanted everyone to know she knows her colors perfectly. . . . even if her toothless mouth can't properly pronounce all the color names now. ;)

Emma and Garrett find mommy's camera . . . .

Here's a bit of what he's learning in Bible class . . . .


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