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Monday, October 18, 2010


NLR Fire Dept holds an annual Firefest near our house. The kids love going and seeing the firetrucks, doing the smoke house, working through fireman training, getting their face painted, getting hats/balloons, and seeing friends. This year my school, LCK, did fire safety week the same week as firefest. I encouraged all the kids to show up. Well apparently if Mrs. Marti says you should go . . . . you have to go. I think I counted 8 kids from our class there, plus others that I didn't see personally. :)

Garrett climbing into a fire truck. He liked it until one of the ones near him had their siren go off. garrett had a look of terror for a minute thinking he'd touched something and was going to get in trouble.

Emma in the truck

Posing by the pink ribbon truck

We caught up with our good friend Madi. (Madi has a crush on Garrett and will follow Emma around like a little sister) Once we found her, we stayed with her the rest of the night,

Doing part of the fireman training

Dragging the "injured man"

They both got to spray a fire hose at a target

Sorry it's sideways but here' a picture of Emma helping Madi hold her brother Paxton in the old fashioned fire engine.


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