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Thursday, October 07, 2010

1st grade chicks

Emma's class at school hatched chicks this week. As an added bonus, each child was given the opportunity to be a"chick sitter" for a night. Last night was our night.

It started with me locking up the cat and going to get emma and the chicks at school. When we got home, I had to tell emma she couldn't hold them all night but she could keep their box in her room. I told her to watch a movie in there and she said "It'll be like I'm babysitting" (heehee). Then she had to find a movie with animals in it, but not her cat movie. I went to talk to Matt and she came running in "I found the perfect movie! It's 'The ugly duckling'" . . . . ok so too cute.

Then Garrett woke up from his nap and wanted to pet the chicks.

They spent the night holding and petting the chicks and "talking" to them by saying cheep cheep cheep.

So excited to have the chicks in her room!

Showing off the chicks

Garrett and Spike

Emma and Daphodil


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