Welch Family Journal

Monday, October 18, 2010

Race for a cure

Emma, Garrett, Tanya, and I went out and walked the family 2K for Race for a Cure. This was the first year the kids walked. Usually I drag out the big red wagon and they get to ride in peace while Tanya and i switch off dragging them around. No more. They are big enough to walk it now. Yes! . . . . . . We did have to walk slowly . . . . . but at least they walked. They enjoyed see all the different signs, shirts, and interesting people while walking. Part of the fun was when we were walking over the first bridge and realized, no we weren't just extra tired and barely walking straight, yes the bridge was swaying a great deal. Nice.

The stripping firemen. Who sadly weren't stripping, nor super cute this year. :)


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