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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Garrett's 6th Birthday

Garrett celebrated several times for his 6th Birthday.

The first Party was singing and cupcakes at Small Group.

Next was Donuts brought to Bible class to share with friends.

3rd was Family dinner with all the family up here. We had pizza/cake and presents. It's been great for the kids to get to share these things with family up here for once.

4th was Mommy surprising him at school to read books as pass out Spiderman stickers.

5th and final celebration was an actual party at Fun and Games here in town. All in all he had 8 kids. a couple school friends and a couple church friends. It was a blast. They played arcade games, did some laser tag, ate cake, won prizes, and had a blast being boys (with Emma and Daisy being the only girls). He loved it and keeps asking to go back again.

All in all he had a great time turning 6!


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