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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Airy's Back!

Yes you read right. The famous Airy is finally back from his long trip. He came back a few days early. And everyone BUT tanya knew. hee-hee. I think she did enjoy the surprise even if we couldn't find a way to tell her to be up and beautiful on a Saturday without causing suspision. :) On Saturday morning I told Emma "Guess who's coming to visit you today?" She smiled and said 'Tan-a" I said "Yes, and guess who is back from their long trip?" She got and even bigger smile and yelled "AIRY!" She was super excited all day long. Finally around 5pm they came into the house. Well needless to say Emma went crazy and started showing off for Airy. Then she finds out he got her presents (shirt and bath stuff) and she was even more excited. Then the topping on the cake we were going to go eat with ARIY, tanya, chad and MARY! Can this day get any better for her?? we went to eat (in the monsoon) and Airy won her 2 stuffed animals from the claw machine. Which of course she had to then sleep with and take to Big Church this morning. It was a great day all in all for her. :) The rest of us are glad Aaron made it home safely as well but Emma is super glad. (also thanks for the shirt, lotion, and bath salts. I will def. use them!)


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Tanya said...

Can I wear the t-shirt Airy got me and take a big family pic????? I think its necessary. I did enjoy the suprise =) You are still in trouble for not hinting me to the fact that I needed to get up and at least put make-up on.


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