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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catch up

Several entries today to catch everyone up on our oh so interesting lives.
One: We went to Crazy's for lunch Sunday with the Rines. Afterwards the kids and I went back to the building to go to Michelle's baby shower. Emma acted crazy at lunch adn really needed a nap. I was regreting taking her with me as soon as I pulled into the church parking lot. Thankfully Matt called to tell me he loved me (guess it was rather obvious how stressed I was with the kids at lunch). I told him I wished I'd sent Emma with him. He said he was still somewhat nearby so he come get her. yes! So I went to the shower and actually enjoyed myself. On the way home with Emma matt went by the military base entrance and had been telling Emma about the tank they were going to pass. Sadly it wasn't there because they were digging or something. Matt looked in the rearview mirror and emmas little lip was quivering she was really looking forward to seeing it. So later that night when she asked again to see pictures of the tank on the computer he showed her. She honestly sat there 15 minutes asking "I want to see another one". What a tomboy!

Two: Garrett is officially 2 months old now. He had his 2 month check up today and all is going good. The special formula and Zantax are working wonders with his reflux. The last few nights he has only gotten up twice to eat. He has a stuffy nose that's causing his discomfort but we are now abole to take OTC's for that so he should be doing much better in a few hours. He loves his Big Sister best of all. If he's crying she's on her way to be right at his side. If it's in the house she's next to him saying "mommys comming. just a minute. it's ok brother." If it's in the car, she'll hold his hand swhile saying "It's ok. I here." Too sweet. And usually he'll quite down for her if she keeps talking to him. He can now smile big ol' smiles if he's happy and full. He has begun to coo more. Saturday he fit into a 3-6 month onsie top but not the shorts that match it. He is quite a chunker. He weighs a few ounces less than Riley Clement who is 6 months old! His stats from today are: weight: 14lbs 6oz. (95 percentile) height: 23 1/2in (75 percentile)

Three: I was feeding Garrett yesterday and wanted the burp rag that was on the floor. Emma was nearby so I asked "Can you get me that rag?" (usually she jumps at the chance to help out) She was in the process of taking her shoes off. She looked up at me holding one shoe and said "No. My hands are full" ok way too grown-up! I asked her to put the shoe down then hand me the rag. She looked at me a moment contemplating whether that would really work, then obeyed with a smile.

Four: Emma was playing with her baby the ther day. She went up and took down a basket from the shelf. Took out the toys and put her baby in. matt and i didn't really pay attention because she's always putting her baby places adn playing like she sleeping. That was untill she started talking about "Baby Moses". So, here's a picture of Emma and Baby Moses. Gotta love those Bible class lessons!


At 10:27 PM, Blogger PiperMatt said...

I just want to know where this "Mom" and "Dad" thing came from ... do all kids stop saying "Mommy" and "Daddy" at 2 and a half???

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love hearing Emma stories! She is quite a cutie. ~Tawn


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