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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day weekend


Emma, Garrett, Tanya, and I went to texarkana this weekend to spend the holiday with Granny and Me-me. It was a good weekend. We left Little Rock around 2:30 friday. We got to visit with me-me and po-po when we got into town. Then on to Granny and Big Daddys. Saturday morning their neighbors were haveing a garage sale. Granny and i talked about if I should go over. I told her we didn't need anymore stuff or anything for garrett but I needed to call my cousin and see if she had anymore clothes that we could borrow for Emma since she needed clothes and was in wierd sizes. Well then Granny up and takes us to wally world and buys emma several outfits. Thanks Granny!

Then Tanya and I spent the afternoon watching back to back epsidoes of "America's Next Top Model" A dumb show . . . yet so addicting! Good bonding time for Tan and myself.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Tanya got me a pretty blue scrapbook for pictures of Garrett. Matthew got me a renewed Zoo membership. Thank you to both of you! After we ate we had to go back and help tanya decide what to pack for her mission trip. Mom helped a bunch! While working on this process she found a necklace that had a broken chain. Tan took it to po-po for him to try and fix. When she was telling popo about it Emma listened in. Emma looked at Tanya and with a concerned look on her face asked "you broke ur necklace?" Tanya said "yeah I did" Emma got a really concerned look on her face, leaned in and gave Tanya a hug saying "I sorry" how cute is that?! What a sweet 2 year old.

Another funny: In emma's class at grannys church they always give the kids a package of smarties when class is over. Well Emma was eating hers in the pew right before church was starting. Tanya asked her if she could have one and emma said "no. they to sour for you"

We got home Sunday and Aaron met us at my house to pick up Tan. She's leaving ehr car with us while they are on campain since matt broke his car we needed another one. Emma goes outside to play in the sand. Who dies she call to come play? the aunt who spoils her? nope. the daddy she hasn't seen all weekend? nope. . . airy of course. :) Then we decide to go to Mr. Pancho's for dinner, We sit down and Emma's eating cheesedip like there's no tomorrow. We eventually run out of chips and have to wait a couple of minutes for more. She looks around and put her hands up in a shrug and says "we just have to use our fingers". good thinking outside the box baby but please don't!


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