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Sunday, September 09, 2007

50th wedding anniversary

We went to Natick last week for Great Grammie and Grampa's 50th wedding anniversary. We were a surprise for them. :) We had a lot of fun while we were up there. Here are a few of the trips highlights.

We ate Dunkin Donuts a bunch! Sorry Tanya we didn't mail any back this time.

We went to the beach! It was cold and overcast in a 10 minute bubble around the coast. It was the first time the kids had ever been to a beach so they didn't care at all. They played in the water and in the sand untill they couldn't stop shivering and their lips were blue.

Playing in the sand

Emma's Sandcastle

Cute picture

The anniversary party was western themed. We all dressed up. Emma and Garrett loved the dirt/gravel parking lot. They played in it all night. They also both danced along with the Johnny Cash tribute band. It was a fun time.

Renewing their vows

We also ate lunch at a local landmark, Park Street Ice Cream. Then we went to the common right outside and ate the ice cream and played in the grass.

We also went to two different, fun parks for the kids to play at. They were both great. The second one was super, it had to have been planned by a mom!

Family fun.


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