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Monday, December 31, 2007

Grandparents central

While Matt and I were at the above wedding Emma and Garrett were at Grandparent Central from thursday afternoon to sunday late afternoon. Mom and Davy were so nice to take care of our kids that whole time! Mom dropped Garrett off for playtime at "popo's house" (as Garrett now calls it) while she and Emma went to get Emma's hair cut and visit Tanya at work. Then mom switched Emma and Garrett. Garrett went shopping with Granny and Emma stayed at me-me and po-po's. No doubt she played tea party and dolls. They baked sugar cookies and iced them (a me-me's house tradition dating back to my youth) Emma even spent the night. They had fun playing with Granny, Big Daddy, me-me, po-po and, tanya. They say garrett only cried for me once and that's when he was talking to me on the phone and saw my picture on the phone. Then he apparently remembered who mommy was and wanted her . . for about a minute . . . then he was fine. Emma was fine except the night before we came back. She fell out of bed, woke up and saw a shadow, and started screaming bloody murder. Granny and Tanya came running. (Tanya beat Granny) Then as told by Emma "I laid on Tanyas tummy and she rubbed my back. Then she tried to leave and I asked her where she was going and she said to get her phone. Then she slept with me all night" . . . . So apparently Tanya tried to escape after a few minutes and got caught. But then she took the high road and stayed with my wiggle worm daughter the rest of the night. Thanks Aunt Tanya! 


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