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Sunday, January 20, 2008

scrapbooking night

This past Friday night Matthew and Casey met Kellie, all 3 kids, and I for dinner at Senors. Then the hubbys took the kids home for the night while Kellie and I went over to PV for a scrapbooking night. There turned out to only be 5 people including Kellie and myself but it was still a bunch of fun and very successful trip for us both. I can't wait until next month when we have another night to which hopefully more people will come and it will be even more fun! It was nice to get to go out without either kid, with other grown ups, and to do something fun that mommy enjoys. Thanks you Matthew and Casey for helping us to be able to do this! It has also renewed my interest in scrapbooking. :) I have so much fun doing it especially doing it with other close friends.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Wish I had been there. It has almost been 6 months since I have attempted to do anyting! I need to get back in it. Post some pictures of what you did!


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